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Rebar Cutter

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Cutting capacity HD42
Motor AC3.7㎾ / 5HP(4P)
Power three-phase 220v~440v / 50 or 60hz (Option)
Weight 836㎏
Dimension (L)838×(W)688×(H)1,313
Bars to cut at a time
HD32~42 1 HD19 3
HD29 1 HD16 5
HD25 2 HD13 6
HD22 2 HD10 8
  • All 4 edges of the cutting blade are usable.
  • Cutting operation is very safe with one-touch type by pulling handle

  • It is designed for low noise and gear wear to avoid load when the circulation of oil is rotating. And the gear life is long since internal gear is sealed.

  • All the gears of machine are in Oil-bathed lubrication. None sticking phenomenon of crank after a long period of non-use