Taeyeon Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 based on 30years of experience in the field of construction

TYR-HD32C(FOR U-Bar & O-Ring)


  • Maximized convenience and precision of U-bar, spiral operation with fine-tuned scale device.
  • U-Bar Spiral Bender developed for the first time in Korea.
  • Rapid processing of HD10 ~ HD32 rebar.
  • Concurrent use with U-Bar, O-Ring.
  • Suitable for rebar processing of bridge construction.
  • Timer function with time adjustment (Analog type).


Spiral Bending Angle 0°~360° Spiral Capa HD16~HD32
Power AC220V/380V 60Hz, 5.5Kw W’t 860㎏
Dimension (L)1,195×(W)1,004×(H)966

Simultaneous Working Capa

HD32 1 HD29 1 HD25 1
HD22 2 HD19 2 HD16 2

Shapes of Possible Bending Type

U-BAR Processing O-RING Processing
hd32c_day01 hd32c_day02
Min: R/300mm Min: R/300mm
Max: R/No Limit Max: R/6,000mm