Taeyeon Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 based on 30years of experience in the field of construction


Auto Re-Bar Coil Bending Line

  • INNO Machine is Taeyeon Machinery's Sister company.
    INNO Machine succeeded in developing Korea "first" production
    The local A/S organization is always on
  • High speed and low noise
  • Self-developed for fast maintenance
  • Anyone can use it by applying English language CONTROL BOX
  • Pre-fitting device makes it easy to insert rebar coil into equipment
  • Maximized the efficiency and convenience of work by applying QR code
  • Reducing working time by setting pre-adjustment value when adjusting straightness of rebar coil.




Coil Kinds Max SD600
Max Feeding Speed 110m/min
Bending Speed 1430°/sec(Abt 3.9Rotation/Sec)
Bending Angle 0 – 180°
W’t 2,000kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 3,340(L) x 1,610(W) x 2,260(H)
Power 380V / 60Hz, 30KW

Simultaneous Bending Capacity

1 Coil Ø 5 – 13mm
2 Coil Ø 5 – 10mm