Taeyeon Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 based on 30years of experience in the field of construction



Flexible to bend forward/reverse and maximizes work efficiency with centralized control.

  • Productivity is outstanding than unidirectional bending machine. (3 ~ 5 times higher efficiency when produce double anchor)
  • You can simultaneously process the desired bending angle as forward/reverse.
  • Curving line system that is suitable for work of civil engineering, bridge construction, subway work and also for land base pilling work.
  • It is possible to work with various shapes of R-jig
    (150R, 200R, 250R, 300R, 350R, 400R)



Capacity HD10 ~ HD42
Bending angle 15°~ 180°
Power three-phase 380v~440v/ 50 or 60hz (Option)
Conveyor Speed 5.3m/min
Motor capacity Bending machine Motor :
5.5kw x 2 units & Supply table unit: 0.75kw x 2 units
Replacement Roller Ø68, Ø108, Ø148, Ø164, R-jig
Rotational arm speed 180°/ 4.5 Sec
Gross weight 4,400kg (Loading weight 2,000kg)
Dimension (L)12,000 × (W)2,500 × (H)1,536

Bars to bend at a time (BS4449 / ASTM A615)

Bar dia./㎜ Bar dia./inch TAB-HD25(A)
HD10 #3(0.375) 9
HD10 #4(0.50) 7
HD1016 #5(0.625) 5
HD1019 #6(0.75) 2
HD1022 #7(0.875) 1
HD1025 #8(1.00) 1

Example of machining shape

Single Anchor Double Anchor
A Miniumum : 100mm A Maximum : Unlimited A Miniumum : 750mm(Standard in Axis center) A Maximum : 10,000mm