Taeyeon Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 based on 30years of experience in the field of construction



  • Bending system that enables precise bending without dragging and maximizes production efficiency
  • It is very convenient to adjust the bending angle by applying digital protractor.
  • Sumitomo Japan Motors exerts maximum bending capability compared with its same class.
  • Maximum production efficiency with minimum time - D13 × 6 rebars simultaneous bending possible.
  • Automatic sensing equipment protection in case of overload.
  • Applied easy and convenient operation method enabling for auto and manual arbitrary application


Bending Capa HD10 – HD16 Power 220V / 380V 60hz 선택
Bending Angle 15˚~180˚ Supply Table Speed 5.5m/min
Bending Head Elec Motor : 1.1kw × 5(日本Sumitomo社) RPM : 9.6rpm
Bar Supply Table Elec Motor : 0.75kw × 1 Air Compressor Elec motor : 2.2kw×1 Operation Standard Pressure : 5.5~6.5kg/㎠
Total W’t 3,500kg Load W’t 2,000kg(8mmstandard) Dimension(L×W×H) 8,024 × 1,800 × 1,350

Simultaneous Bending Capa

Divide 10 13 16
Spec SD400 8 6 3
SD500 7 5 2

Processing Form and Bending Capa

Form and Dimension Dia Length(mm) 1Time Simultaneous Bending Q’ty 1Day Bending Total Q’ty Total W’t(kg)
hd13c_day01 HD10 1,200 7min 20,160min 11,515
hd13c_day02 HD13 3,000 5min 5,334min 15,922
hd13c_day03 HD16 2,100 2min 3,840min 12,580

※ Meter Unit W’t : HD10 / 0.56kg, HD13 / 0.995kg, HD16 / 1.56kg