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The origin of Rebar Processing in Korea.

Reinforced concrete is the most used part of modern construction and civil engineering. You should well-know for the basic step of placement. Because The step of placement are very diversified and complicated depending on its shape.
It emphasizes that practitioners of construction site should basically know based on experience of over 30 years rather than explaining of theoretical skills.

We need to learn from basic knowledge in order to make correct rebar machining and construction.
We hope this will help to all customers and worker who involved in rebar/cutter processing industry and construction.

Part 1
Reinforcement and construction
Described the basic knowledge and methods of steel reinforcement and construction in common terms to understand easily.
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Part 2
Rebar processing
Explained on the status/background of the processing plant in Korea that is changing from the field processing to the factory processing. It states overall establishment / operation of the processing plant.
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Part 3
Product introduction and usage
The product list and the detailed description of the products are explained with the pictures. So that you can understand them more easily and conveniently.
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