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  • TYR-HD25B


Spiral bender

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Bending angle 360°
Bending capacity HD10 ~ HD25
Motor 1.5㎾
Power single-phase 115~220v / 50,60hz
three-phase 220v~440v /50 or 60hz (Option)
Weight 186㎏
Dimension (L)600×(W)550×(H)514
min·max 130~2,500㎜
  • Loadable into trunk due to its small size bender.
  • Specially designed to be suitable for work of civil engineering, bridge construction, subway work and also for land base pilling work.

  • The diameter of spirally bent bar ranges from 130mm to 2,500mm

  • The input power is produced by single-phase and three-phase electricity. Manufactured and supplied single-phase power products by default.

  • The original process (ring) is precise due to the precise machining dimensions.

  • Lightly weighted comparing to the size (portable by 2 persons)