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  • TYB-HD42A


Heavy duty bender

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Bending Speed 180˚ / 5Sec
Bending angle 0~180˚(Arbitrary adjustment)
Motor AC 5.5㎾ / 7.5HP
Power three-phase 220v~440v / 50 or 60hz (Option)
Weight 710㎏
Dimension (L)922×(W)880×(H)892
Bending capacity
HD42,32,29 1 HD13 4
HD25,22 2 HD10 6
HD19,16 3
  • Specially designed to be suitable for work of civil engineering and bridge construction.
  • Select of dual angle adjustment device to bends in 2 different angles at a time.
  • The bending process of stirrup and hoop allows the minimum bend bar-end length 6~8cm (2.36~3.15inches)
  • The adoption of foot-switch guarantees safe operation of the machine.

  • This machine is designed for simple and easy operation even for beginners.