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Automatic rebar cutting line for high strength steel

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Cutting Capacity HD10 ~ HD52
Cuttable Rebar strength SD400 ~ SD600
Power three-phase 380v~440v/ 50 or 60hz (Option)
Dimension (L)26,400 × (W)3,700 × (H)1,750
Dimension (T)43 × (W)150 × (L)460
Gross Weight 14,700㎏
Cutting Motor Ø3×220V / 380V x 50㎐/60㎐, x11㎾
Supply Motor Gear motor 0.75㎾ 1/60-2EA
Air Compressor 15HP 11㎾
Bars to cut at a time
Diameter of rebar/㎜ Quantity diameter of rebar/㎜ Quantity
HD10 40 HD29 8
HD13 30 HD32 5
HD16 24(15~16 for SD600) HD35 4
HD19 20 (13 for SD600) HD38 3
HD22 16 (13 for SD600) HD42 2
HD25 12 (7~8 for SD600) HD52 1
  • Cutting and discharging by length and length is fast and accurate.

  • It is suitable for professional steel processing plant because it can cut various kinds as small to large quantity.
  • There is no sliding phenomenon or cutting error will be occurred by using with the stopper fixing device.
  • It is easy to add additional facilities and expand the automatic cutting and bending line.
  • Productivity efficiency will be increased by two-way discharge and linkage with bending line.
  • It is possible to linkage work with multiple bending lines with a single cutting system.
  • It is easy to cut large-scale by applying the longest blade (460㎜ × 150㎜ × 43㎜) in Korea.
  • The conveying device of the rebar is smoothly transfer rebar through a regular and reverse function.